Here’s How to Auto-Block DDS Trolls on Twitter2 min read

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Twitter is a great platform to hold a public forum. It’s mostly the venue for verbal sparring among people with different views. Because of its architecture, it’s a much better platform than its rival Facebook where you can’t see the trending topics.

However, it is not without its flaws.

Ever since President Duterte took office, Twitter was infested by paid DDS trolls—hired PR personnel to thwart criticism against him online. What’s worst, these trolls spread propaganda through social media—especially Facebook—that brainwash a lot of Filipinos.

If you’re on Twitter and you tried to air your anti-government sentiments, I’m sure you were already asked “anong ambag mo” and were fired insults—some even personal.

If you’re tired of Duterte’s minions, here’s what you can do:

Twitter user @ddstrolls created a blocklist tool that you can subscribe to now.

The blocklist subscription was created using Block Together that relies on the Twitter API to block usernames on your behalf.

All you have to do is click on this link, login to your Twitter account if you haven’t already, and click Block All and Subscribe.

From now on, whenever @ddstrolls blocks a DDS troll, you automatically block them too if you’re subscribed to the list. And if you subscribed just now, you automatically block existing users in the list as well. As of the writing, the list has more than 2,300 blocked users.

Once subscribed, you can check if the blocking process is done on the Actions page. If you want specific users to be added to the list, you can report them to @ddstrolls by mention.

You can read more about the terms of this tool on the home page.

Take back the Internet by subscribing to the list now. From now on, you won’t have to worry about getting threats just because you want a better country.

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